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16 May 2021


well hello, fellow ckreamers & ckreamee’s alike!

I just wanted to post a little update for my devoted. I am going to be adding several different pages full of more useful knowledge and content to my site VERY SOON! I do apologize for the dry period as far as posting goes. I love you all. Stay tuned, more ckream cuming sooner than you could say “procrastinate much?”! 😭


suggestions are gratefully welcomed

  1. since my site is still in the oven; i’m open to listen to all suggestions any of my (potential) clients (whom i have labeled as “ckreamerz”) might come up with. 
  1. please keep the vulgarity at a minimum. notice i said “minimum”, not to leave it out wholly. that’s because even i, myself, tend to  have a few vulgar moments on a random occasion and i can understand how having the ability to truly stand on your freedom of speech can help relieve the pressure sometimes. 
  1. all “ckreamerz” (ie. site [www.ckreamy.com] users, visitors or MVP’z [most valued patrons]) must remain respectful & tolerant of each other and the site’s publisher, domain, server, contents, posts, designs & accumulated material REGARDLESS of all circumstances, previous matters & upcoming events. 
  1. i, as the publisher, and as the one who does the site’s up-keep, maintain the authority and reserve the rights to ban anyone who i feel has violated any of these conditions that have been described in this post. 

You are fabulous

have a scroll . . .

 The only way to figure out if l am being true to my self is to throw my identity away every evening before I go to bed. 
Whatever I want to pick up again in the morning may have some merit to it. 
I don't get too fixated on the titles that hang above my door, the inıtials that may or may not come after my name, or the engravings on the awards others give me. 
l'd rather focus on doing what's necessary
 to create in all honesty.
The mere mention of professionalism can trap my ego into thinking it's got to perform a role in order to get a prize. 
But the truth is, the real win is my
 ability to make whatever I am doing my own.
Comfort is enticing, acceptance can be a drug, and conformity is always beckoning, offering shiny trinkets and corner offices - but if I want the freedom to follow my bliss I've got to be willing to work against the grain.
 I go without what's easy in order to be part of creating what's revolutionary.
In the process,  I don't take my success or my failure to heart. 
I'Il experience a million moments of both, and rather than get hung up on which is present, l'd rather get on with the show.

k 🤍 c