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well hello, 
fellow ckreamers & ckreamee’s alike!
I just wanted to post a little update for my devoted. 
I am going to be adding several different pages full of more useful knowledge and content to my site VERY SOON! 
I do apologize for the dry period as far as posting goes. 
I love you all. 
Stay tuned, more ckream cuming sooner than you could say “procrastinate much?”! 😭


suggestions are gratefully welcomed

  1. since my site is still in the oven; i’m open to listen to all suggestions any of my (potential) clients (whom i have labeled as “ckreamerz”) might come up with. 
  1. please keep the vulgarity at a minimum. notice i said “minimum”, not to leave it out wholly. that’s because even i, myself, tend to  have a few vulgar moments on a random occasion and i can understand how having the ability to truly stand on your freedom of speech can help relieve the pressure sometimes. 
  1. all “ckreamerz” (ie. site [www.ckreamy.com] users, visitors or MVP’z [most valued patrons]) must remain respectful & tolerant of each other and the site’s publisher, domain, server, contents, posts, designs & accumulated material REGARDLESS of all circumstances, previous matters & upcoming events. 
  1. i, as the publisher, and as the one who does the site’s up-keep, maintain the authority and reserve the rights to ban anyone who i feel has violated any of these conditions that have been described in this post. 

Good luck and rock on witcha ha bad self!
c k = forever 🤍